Baltimore Criminal Attorney Richard Miller

When choosing a Baltimore criminal defense lawyer to represent you and support your personal cause, fight for your future and do all possible to help you retain your freedom, you want to be certain that they are personally committed to you. I take on cases with a pledge to pursue any avenue that can benefit my clients, from cases of DUI through to the most serious of criminal charges.

Experience and Commitment

When seeking an attorney, there are several criteria that must be considered. The first is that they should have experience and a proven court record. As a former prosecutor, I have a full understanding of every aspect of the criminal justice system and how to successfully navigate for my clients, both in negotiations and in presenting a case in court. Although all attorneys are trained in the law, trial ability can vary widely. You want to be certain that you have a skilled trial lawyer that will present your case confidently, have it well-documented and knows how to determine the best strategy to employ at trial. I can answer any of your questions about your case in an initial interview.

I continue to expand my knowledge of the law to provide my clients with a higher standard of defense. I am a two time participant, with my most recent participation in July 2013, of the College for DUI defense which is held at Harvard Law School. I have gained a certification of training for the NHTSA and the LACP DWI Detection and Standardized Field Sobriety Testing Student Course.

When you need an aggressive, experienced and energetic defender, I urge you to contact my firm as early as possible after your arrest. If you are under investigation for a serious crime, it is vital that you have an attorney protecting your rights before answering questions from any investigator. An investigation almost invariably leads to an arrest, and allowing questioning or access to your home or any other search should be carefully managed by my firm. I offer personal legal counsel and exceptional experience and commitment to my clients, and invite you to contact my firm to discuss your case.