Baltimore Assault Lawyer

Understanding Assault Charges

Assault is a criminal offense that occurs when an individual makes threats of physical or emotional harm bolstered by the perceived capability to carry them out. Assault encompasses another criminal offense, battery, which is to cause harm that follows threats of harm as described in legal definitions for assault. Although these offenses were once separate and could feasibly be fought separately, they are now charged as one because of the close relation these criminal acts share. Assault can occur in a wide variety of scenarios such as altercations with strangers, domestic violence, drug-related acts and others. It may be a good idea to consult a Baltimore criminal lawyer who is educated in matters related to assault and battery, and can help organize the best case possible.

The penalties for battery-related assault convictions can be severe. Classified as a felony, first degree assault charges are imposed on an individual if found to be intentionally causing or attempting to cause serious physical injury on another person, or committing the offense with a firearm. Successful conviction may result in prison sentences not exceeding 25 years. Second degree assault is meant to encompass all other forms of general assault that are not covered in the first degree assault requirements. Conviction for second degree assault can return up to 10 years in prison unless committed against a law enforcement or probation officer, in which case the charge is upgraded to a felony with prison terms reaching a maximum of 25 years.

Assault Attorney in Howard County and Baltimore County

Richard S. Miller, Attorney at Law has provided top-level legal support, services and representation to residents throughout the Baltimore area, and has helped many clients defend against assault and battery charges through not guilty verdicts, or minimized penalties in cases deemed appropriate. I am a hard-working, experienced criminal defense lawyer whose primary goal is to assist every client in the best way possible. Many lawyers are available to work on your case, but it is important to work with an empathetic, easy-going and accessible counsel who you can feel comfortable with on your way to achieving the most favorable result possible.

Contact a Baltimore assault lawyer if you have been accused of assault and want to be well-prepared for any legal action that may take place as a result of your alleged offense.