Baltimore Battery Attorney

Have you been arrested for battery?

Battery is a crime that occurs when someone intentionally causes harmful or offensive contact to another person. For years, battery has been charged alongside assault, which is why most offenses have been referred to as assault and battery. In Maryland, the offense of battery has been consolidated with assault, which means that assault encompasses battery in addition to other similar acts. The support of a Baltimore criminal defense attorney with experience in these cases may provide an advantage over the most driven prosecutor, so consider seeking the advice of a legal professional before digging deeper into the process.

The penalties for battery-related assault can be quite severe in Maryland, depending on the specific circumstances surrounding the criminal event. Touching another person in an unwelcome way that may be considered offensive, threatening or potentially harmful may warrant a second degree assault charge. Although it is often a misdemeanor, convicted offenders may still face prison terms of up to 10 years with a possible maximum of 25 years if the act was committed upon law enforcement or probation authorities. First degree assault is more specific, indicating acts that will warrant it will include the attempt or act of intentionally and physically harming another individual, or committing the act with a firearm. This is categorized as a felony and convicted offenders may face up to 25 years in prison as a result.

Battery Lawyer Could Defend You

Richard S. Miller, Attorney at Law has been assisting residents throughout the Baltimore in a wide variety of criminal defense matters, and has built a solid, trusted reputation throughout the area by providing more than solid representation and a keen awareness of the law as it pertains to the accused, but also to provide invaluable insight into the process so that clients can better understand the consequences they may face, as well as the status of their case and the likelihood for various scenarios. I will do everything within my power to provide all clients with the highest level of representation possible, and may be able to play a role in the minimization or complete elimination of your charges, or penalties in terms of financial hardship, prison terms and more.

Contact a Baltimore battery attorney if you have been charged with battery against another person and need a solid defense strategy.