Have you been charged with a criminal offense?

When you are facing criminal charges, it is a dangerous situation and your future freedom can be in question. Maryland has some very heavy penalties for criminal offenses, including a first time DUI through to all other misdemeanor and felony offenses. The need for a high quality, aggressive defense attorney cannot be underestimated, as the skill and trial abilities of your attorney can have a significant impact on your future. All of those involved in the criminal justice system, from judges through to the lowest courtroom employee know how important the quality of a defense lawyer truly is.

Cases can be won and lost, based upon the efforts of your Baltimore criminal defense lawyer. I, Richard Miller, have chosen to dedicate my practice to defending those who are facing criminal charges, and with 32 years of experience, you can have confidence that your case will be addressed by an attorney with a full understanding of the right actions to take to fight back.

Baltimore Criminal Attorney: Areas of Practice

enter DUI
A DUI charge is not a minor offense. A conviction can lead to jail time, a suspended license, requirements to perform community service and heavy fines. The long term consequences will include an increase in insurance rates and potential problems with getting employment when your criminal record is searched. DUI cases can be defended. Read more about DUI

can you buy Dilantin in mexico Domestic Violence
When accused of domestic violence, your personal and professional reputation can be damaged permanently. Unfortunately, many who face these charges are either falsely accused or there are other circumstances that have not been brought to light. It is important to act quickly if you are facing charges, and determine what course of action will best serve your cause. Read more about domestic violence here

http://maxwell3d.net/tag/3ds-max/ Drug Crimes
When facing charges of possession, intent to distribute, manufacturing, trafficking, federal drug charges or other drug offense, you are facing the potential of jail or prison time as well as other serious consequences. Fortunately, being charged does not necessarily mean you will be convicted, and if fast defense actions are taken on your behalf, it could be possible to avoid conviction, or even being formally charged. Read more about drug crimes here

Sex Crimes
There are few more frightening situations than being accused of committing a sex crime such as rape, statutory rape, date rape, internet sex crimes, prostitution, molestation or offenses related to child pornography. There is a bias and stigma surrounding sex crimes that make fighting back even more urgent. With a skilled attorney with experience at trial, you can increase the possibility of avoiding the serious consequences of a conviction. Read more about sex crimes here

Child Abuse
Are you charged with committing child abuse? Crimes involving children are heavily punished under Maryland law, and if you hope to avoid the penalties of a conviction, your defense should be initiated without delay. The first step is a thorough review of all the evidence that the prosecutor has against you to find the flaws and errors that could be exploited in a defense case. Read more about child abuse here.

Juvenile Crimes
Young people make errors in judgment, as most of us did when we were young. When this is usually just part of the learning and maturing process, in some cases these mistakes can lead to criminal charges. This is a dangerous situation for any young person, and their future can be irreparably damaged if their case is not managed by a professional juvenile crime defense lawyer that is committed to fighting. Read more about juvenile crimes here.

Criminal accusations in a kidnapping case are a very serious matter. In many instances, the charges are filed in federal court, along with other criminal offenses. If you are accused of kidnapping, the matter must be evaluated at once by a quality criminal lawyer with extensive trial experience. Our early involvement in the case can be helpful with regard to the actual charges and potential penalties. Read more about kidnapping here.

Theft Crimes
If you have been charged with a theft crime such as robbery, burglary or shoplifting, the consequences in a conviction can be extremely severe. Punishment imposed by the court could include jail or prison time, restitution and heavy fines. Your prior criminal record can greatly affect the potential penalties, and as with any criminal accusations, getting a defense attorney to take early action on your behalf can be very important. Read more about theft crimes here.

Vehicular Manslaughter
In cases in which any person loses their lives in a vehicle accident and criminal negligence is involved, such as drunk driving, there is the real potential for facing charges of vehicular manslaughter. This is a felony charge with extensive penalties. Read more about vehicular manslaughter here.

Violent Crimes
Maryland lawmakers have passed statutes that heavily punish those who commit crimes of violence. Any person who has prior convictions for a violent crime will be facing enhanced penalties. Crimes such as murder, manslaughter, battery and assault should be addressed without delay by a defender with great experience and familiarity with the criminal justice system and trial law. Read more about violent crimes here.

White Collar Crimes
There are a huge variety of offenses that are termed “white collar crimes”, including those that involve credit card fraud, bank fraud, wire fraud, insurance fraud, RICO crimes, embezzlement, computer crimes, identity theft and others. These cases are usually charged in federal court, and are the result of an ongoing investigation. If you are under investigation or are already charged with any such crime, it is crucial that you have a Baltimore defense lawyer with powerful resources to call upon to support the case for the defense. Read more about white collar crimes here.

Weapon Charges
Maryland has extremely strict regulations and statutes regarding the use of firearms and other weapons. When a weapon is used in the commission of a criminal act, the penalties for the crime are usually much more severe. Whether you are facing a violation such as assault with a deadly weapon (which can be any item that is deemed to be a weapon), gun charges such as concealed weapon, illegal sale, or transportation, you need legal help at once. Read more about weapon charges here.

Gun Offenses
Are you accused of violating the law in a firearm charge? The penalties you could be facing are extremely severe in our state. If you are accused of a gun charge, such as transportation, failure to register, illegal possession, or violent crime involving a gun, you need immediate defense intervention. Read more about gun offenses here

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