Baltimore Domestic Violence Lawyer

Are you accused of committing domestic violence?

Family related violence is treated very harshly under Maryland state law, and if you are accused of committing this crime, you are facing an uncertain future – will you be convicted? Will your personal and business reputation be damaged? In some cases, these charges are part of a bitter relationship battle, whether in a break up, custody case, divorce or other family law matter. The actual issue can be far different than what has been presented by the victim, and in fact, some cases of domestic abuse accusations are completely false or greatly exaggerated. As tempers cool down, the individual who made the accusation may even recant. This will not mean you won’t be facing charges! The prosecuting attorney can still proceed with the case against you.

Domestic Violence Attorney in Baltimore

The charges can vary from a misdemeanor through to a serious felony, based upon whether there are injuries that are alleged to have been caused by the accused, as well as any earlier conviction. With the help of a Baltimore criminal defense lawyer, you can ensure that your rights and interests are protected. This could not be more crucial in any case of domestic violence. I, Attorney Richard Miller, am committed to providing aggressive defense counsel to my clients, and no matter what the charge, you can be confident that I will fight back for you on every front, both in and out of court in negotiations. With over 32 years of experience, and having served in countless trials, I have a deep understanding of the criminal justice process and what to do when my client is facing charges related to domestic violence.

Whether the criminal accusations are false, exaggerated, or when the incident has other mitigating evidence or circumstances, you know that your rights and interests will be defended when I take on a case. Each individual case is as unique as the individuals involved, and will require an in-depth evaluation to determine the best defense strategy. You are urged to contact me as early as possible after an arrest for domestic violence.

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