Baltimore Child Abuse Attorney

Have you been charged with child abuse?

Being presented with a child abuse offense can be devastating to a reputation and a future. It may feel that there is no one to provide support in your hour of need, as child abuse is considered a severe sentence to face. Not all cases of child abuse are exactly what they imply; some are the unfortunate result of a sour marriage, as a former spouse manipulates a custody battle through unfounded accusations. Other cases may have to do with the negligence of a child. The painful truth is that, without the proper representation, many cases of child abuse will be treated the same and the accused will suffer. If you are being faced with child abuse charges, a Baltimore criminal defense attorney is here for immediate help.

With the right defense, your case will not be treated the same. There is usually a great deal of factors that lead to the suspicion and charge of child abuse. It is common for various adults in a child’s life to fall quickly to suspicion, whether false conclusions are drawn or a personal motive comes into play. Children themselves often fall prey to the words of other adults. With a variety of different possibilities, it is clear to say that every child abuse offense must be treated individually while tirelessly searching for the correct answers. The right lawyer understands the numerous variables in difficult situations, both in and out of the courtroom.

Child Abuse Defense Lawyer Here to Serve You

There is nothing more frightening than having your child taken from you, for you and the child. Richard S. Miller, Attorney at Law, will defend your liberty while providing a comforting and empathetic environment. At my firm, I believe that it is a privilege to protect a client’s rights against child abuse charges.

Do not hesitate to contact a Baltimore child abuse lawyer if you face a serious child abuse offense.