Federal Drug Charges

Baltimore Drug Crime Attorney

Federal drug charges differ from state and local drug charges in that they tend to carry a much more serious penalty in terms of prison sentences and fines. An offense can graduate to a federal drug charge if the drug crime involves large quantities of money or drugs, or if federal charges are requested by local authorities in order to impose more serious penalties on the offender. The specific charges and penalties for various federal drug charges include the quantity of drug as well as the type, which has been categorized into 5 Schedules with differing levels of severity.

Federal drug charges often come after an investigation which can go on for days, weeks or even months at a time depending on the complexity of the offense, or the sheer size of the operation. In many cases, over-zealous law enforcement commits errors during investigation, in an arrest and throughout the legal process that an astute Baltimore criminal defense attorney can use to foster reasonable doubt in a jury. In the event of conviction, the court may impose sentences of life in prison for certain drug crimes, and it is important to make every effort to avoid this consequence.

Federal Drug Charge Support in Baltimore

I am Richard S. Miller, Attorney At Law, and I have worked for over 30 years to provide the good residents of Howard County and Baltimore County with the kind of compassionate care and quality legal representation that is required to avoid as many as possible negative consequences from federal drug charges resulting in conviction. I believe an educated client is also a cooperative client who may stand a greater chance for success in court, and can be a source of understanding and trust for all clients who face drug crimes in Baltimore.

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