Baltimore Intent to Distribute Attorney

Intent to Distribute Charges

Intent to distribute is a drug crime that occurs when an individual makes an attempt, or prepares to attempt to distribute illegal drugs to other parties. Intent charges are unique in that they do not require the crime to have actually taken place, but instead require the prosecution to provide ample evidence that demonstrates a reasonable intention to unlawfully distribute. Those who have been charged with intent to distribute should speak with an experienced Baltimore criminal defense attorney as quickly as possible in order to begin building a strong case.

The penalties for drug distribution convictions in Maryland can range anywhere from the serious to the devastating. Major factors that may play a role in determining appropriate penalties will include the type of drug as well as the quantity, and other factors such as whether the crime would have occurred in close proximity to a school, or the prior criminal record of the defendant. Those who are convicted for distribution of large quantities of drugs may spend their lives behind bars, which may motivate many clients to work with their attorneys to build the best defense possible.

Beat Intent to Distribute Charges With My Help

My firm, Richard S. Miller, Attorney At Law, has proudly served clients throughout Maryland for 32 years in the realm of drug crime defense, and has a deep understanding of how charges are assessed as well as how penalties may be determined on a convicted offender. I can offer a measure of success in court by focusing on key areas such as the events of the crime, information about those involved in the crime, and any other relevant information that may be useful. This information can be organized with critical mistakes found in the investigative or legal process concerning your case, which may translate to a definite advantage and a great chance at freedom.

Contact a Baltimore intent to distribute attorney if you have been accused of intent to distribute drugs and need a strong advocate on your side.