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Charged with manufacturing in Baltimore?

Drug manufacturing and cultivation is one of the most serious drug crime charges, and occurs when an individual is found to be producing drugs or cultivating plants that can be harvested for their illegal substances. Manufacturing may ultimately be a federal drug charge depending on the amount of drugs being produced, and would offer a considerably more severe penalty than state charges with are also very harsh. It is important to touch base with an educated Baltimore criminal defense lawyer who knows the law in order to learn more about the legal options available to you in the event of a drug manufacturing arrest.

The best way to defend against drug manufacturing charges in court is normally to focus on the methods used by law enforcement to collect the evidence needed to prosecute in the first place. The War on Drugs has raged for decades, and mistakes are routinely made in the process that may provide an opportunistic attorney with several points of focus. Evidence can sometimes be made inadmissible, and in some cases, can completely halt the process of your case due to illegally collected evidence.

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Richard S. Miller, Attorney At Law supports the rights of the accused to receive a fair trial, and we work hard to provide our clients with the most compelling, legitimate arguments for innocence. Having successfully defended many clients in drug crimes, I am familiar with the many procedural errors that may be committed in the process and will focus on identifying and exposing them in order to get the upper hand in court. I am able to provide excellent legal support by getting to know you as well as your case, and also serving as a guide through the legal process in addition to your competent legal counsel.

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