Baltimore Possession Lawyer

Charged with drug possession?

An individual may be charged with drug possession if found to be in possession of any drug that has been deemed illegal, either through state or federal law. An individual is considered to be in possession of the drug if the drug is under the individual’s control, meaning the drug may have been hidden by the person, or placed nearby. Just because the person is not in physical possession of the drug does not mean they do not have a certain control over it, which means they are in possession. This is just one complex facet of drug possession issues in Maryland, and it is critical to have the skill and service of a Baltimore criminal lawyer who is able to effectively demonstrate the innocence of the accused.

The penalties for drug possession in Maryland depend greatly on some very important factors such as the type of drug an individual is found to be in possession of as well as the amount of drugs found. While marijuana possession has its own unique penalties, felony conviction for the possession of other drugs can mean up to 4 years in prison with maximum fines of $25,000. This type of penalty has a disastrous effect on families who are impacted by drug crime convictions of all kinds, and can leave spouses and children in great financial distress.

Trusted Drug Possession Defense in Baltimore

There are few things more devastating than being charged for a drug crime like possession. Richard S. Miller, Attorney At Law has a deep understanding of Possession laws in the state of Maryland and can provide valuable insight about your charge including potential penalties, the status of your case and other opportunities for legal advancement. I believe that everyone should have the chance for a strong defense in court, and I work hard to see that my clients receive just that. I can provide excellent legal counsel and representation to those clients who need it the most, and may be able to compel a judge and jury to minimize penalties or eliminate them entirely.

Contact a Baltimore drug possession lawyer if you have been arrested for possession and want to discuss your legal options for defense.