Baltimore Drug Trafficking Attorney

What constitutes drug trafficking?

Drug Trafficking is an extremely serious drug crime that occurs when an individual knowingly and unlawfully produces and distributes illegal drugs. This can normally be levied as a federal drug charge since most drug trafficking cases involve large-scale operations and vast quantities of drugs and money alike. Whether tried by the state or federal authorities, drug trafficking convictions can carry some very serious penalties. Count on the expert guidance of a skilled Baltimore criminal defense attorney if you have been accused of drug trafficking and want to begin your defense as soon as possible.

The penalties associated with drug trafficking convictions can be huge, and will have a definite impact on anyone who suffers from them, whether as prisoner or loved one. First time offenders may face a minimum of 5 years in prison and millions of dollars in fines, while larger operations may be under long-term investigation which can lead to other charges, often related to firearms and other weapons possession. This type of additional charge can quickly amount to overwhelming charges and virtually no chance for freedom.

Defending Drug Trafficking Charges in Baltimore

Richard S. Miller, Attorney At Law is a valued member of the Baltimore community and understands how difficult it can be to face drug trafficking charges alone. I have a great deal of experience working with people who have been accused of, or arrested for drug trafficking and just want to clear their names. While it may not always be possible to achieve a not-guilty verdict, the sense of dedication and drive I hold for each of my cases can well result in minimized charges, negotiated pleas and lesser penalties. I strongly support the rights of the accused in drug crimes and will proudly stand to defend your interests in court.

Contact a Baltimore drug trafficking attorney if you have been arrested for, or accused of drug trafficking and want to discuss the options available to you.