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Facing DUI charges can drastically impact your future.

Convictions for driving under the influence result in high fines and possible time in jail, or even a prison sentence. Don’t take chances with your defense if you have been arrested for DUI in or near Baltimore. Richard S. Miller, Attorney at Law can provide the relentless criminal defense that you need!

Reasons to hire Richard S. Miller include:

  • Decades of criminal defense experience
  • Comfortable and accessible lawyer
  • Responsive to clients
  • Powerful defense in the courtroom
  • Hundreds of defense cases handled

When facing charges of drunk driving in Maryland, it is important be represented by an attorney who not only has decades of experience, but also has a level of comfort and accessibility. A great Baltimore DUI lawyer retains a solid balance between a responsive approach to his clients and a powerful defense in the courtroom. I, Richard S. Miller, Attorney at Law, have represented hundreds of clients in courts throughout the state.

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Why choose Richard S. Miller, Attorney at Law?

I understand the fear and anxiety that you are experiencing when faced with a DUI offense. Within my firm, I value the safety of the client’s freedom while providing him or her with a strong sense of support. I believe that the ability to educate clients while empathizing with their individual situations heightens the quality of the best attorneys. In addition, I find it is always best to provide my clients with information they need to know, rather than telling them what they would like to hear.

It is important to contact a Baltimore DUI attorney promptly after being faced with DUI and other criminal charges. Along with DUI offenses, my firm is prepared to defend a variety of criminal charges. Whether you have been charged with drug crimes, sex crimes or theft crimes, I will make sure that you are completely briefed and prepared to undergo criminal defense.

Protect Your Freedom: Criminal Defense Lawyer

I have been a practicing criminal defense and DUI/DWI attorney for over thirty years. In that time, my practice has expanded statewide in all State and Federal Courts, including Juvenile Court. With my firm’s backing and support, we can take the first steps to proving your innocence and helping to protect your freedom. As being charged with a DUI offense brings high levels of stress upon the client, I work hard to ensure my client is receiving the best quality of care and consideration.

I believe that every person is innocent until proven guilty. There are many steps to take in criminal defense, including the gathering of evidence, preparing official discovery requests for the state’s attorney’s office, and disclosing proper client protocol when charged with an offense. A DUI case can be assured its best outcome with the least future damage if the right lawyer is secured. My experience with the judicial system has gained the respect and trust with courts and prosecutors alike. I am committed to pursuing any evidence leading to a favorable case outcome.

If you face DUI charges, contact a Baltimore drunk driving defense attorney as soon as possible for legal representation that will fight for you.