DUI Attorney Serving Howard County and Baltimore County

What can be even worse, nevertheless, is dealing with felony DUI charges as an outcome of your traffic stop. Contact a certified Baltimore DUI attorney at Richard S. Miller, Lawyer at Law, and trust that you will certainly have your concerns addressed and your rights secured.

Maryland laws versus driving under the influence can be intricate and bring stiff fines. A lot of DUI arrests are misdemeanors with fines that vary from fines, probation or up to 12 months in jail. Fines for felony DUI charges are much harsher, nevertheless, and consist of those for misdemeanors along with the following:

  • Huge fines
  • Jail time
  • Constraints on, suspension of or irreversible loss of motorist’s license
  • Court ordered alcohol or drug treatment
  • Ignition interlock gadget on automobile
  • Impoundment or forfeiture of car
  • Safeguarding Felony DUI Charges

You have to call my company at your earliest benefit! With 32 years of experience in criminal defense and a subscription in the National College of DUI Defense, I have the abilities required to strongly and vigilantly check out the charges versus you, figure out how my company might be able to safeguard your constitutional rights and guide you through the next steps in the procedure.

The repercussions of felony DUI charges can be life modifying in a lot of methods. Prior to your scenario leaves control, do yourself a favor and reach a skilled lawyer at my company.

For the representation you require, get in touch with a Baltimore felony DUI lawyer at Richard S. Miller, Lawyer at Law.