Baltimore Kidnapping Lawyer

Defending Those Accused of Kidnapping

The price to pay for a kidnapping charge is severe. In the state of Maryland, kidnapping penalties can range from a misdemeanor to a felony, depending on the circumstances of the case. Fines and court costs may be accompanied by incarceration without the right criminal defense attorney. Along with that, the Maryland District Court and Circuit Court Judges may place you under probation for the duration of one day to five years. Kidnapping cases are very difficult to defend when they go to trial, and only with a lawyer who is highly experienced in the litigation of kidnapping offenses will you be properly protected. It is of utmost importance that you get in touch with a Baltimore criminal defense lawyer as soon as you are faced with kidnapping charges.

Kidnapping Defense Attorney in Baltimore

There are many unique aspects to consider when dealing with kidnapping offenses. For instance, for a disgruntled parent to take his or her child while the other parent retains custody is considered an account of kidnapping. Depending on whether the child is then removed from the state or country raises the severity of the charges. In other cases, factors may include ransoms or the wellbeing of the kidnapped party, which are very serious charges and are treated as such by any prosecutor. Richard S. Miller, Attorney at Law, has over thirty years of experience defending clients that have undergone kidnapping charges. At my firm, I believe that a balance between an aggressive defense and understanding for each individual’s situation is vital to effective criminal defense.

My firm will do everything in its power to defend and fight for your freedom. All of the client’s available options are evaluated for the successful resolution to a kidnapping case, while the client is promptly educated on the situation and capable of making the right decisions. Each avenue is thoroughly explored to optimize the best result of the case. It is my privilege to represent and defend a client in court.

Have you been faced with kidnapping charges? Contact a Baltimore kidnapping lawyer today to defend your freedom.