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Defending Manslaughter Charges

There are different categories of criminal homicide in Maryland, murder and manslaughter. It is up to the prosecution to decide which charge can be proven in court. This doesn’t mean you are factually guilty it merely depends upon how much evidence investigators can collect which might convince a jury. Criminal investigators have only one job to do, build a case. Very often the most telling evidence against the accused is the answers the accused gave to an investigator or a prosecutor in answer to questions. Anyone who thinks he or she is suspected of committing a homicide should say nothing at all before consulting a Baltimore criminal defense attorney who is dedicated to protecting legal rights.

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Manslaughter is not charged as murder because the death was not intended, or was intentional but was committed in the heat of the moment in response to legally adequate provocation. For example a verbal confrontation begins in a bar and escalates into a physical assault by the other person who dies as a result. Although the accused did not set out that day to kill anyone, the death occurred, and the penalties for manslaughter can be just as harsh as the penalties for murder. This is a life changing situation which requires careful handling and fast action. By quickly contacting a skilled manslaughter defense lawyer you can prevent the authorities from “walking all over” your legal rights.

Having skilled legal counsel guiding you and informing you of your rights can make all the difference to your future. Since investigators can make mistakes in investigating a violent crime and witnesses can misremember or may even make false statements, the prosecutor’s case could be based on incorrect information. It is vital that you do not try to defend yourself. The criminal defense lawyer you select must have the necessary resources to investigate for facts which the prosecution does not have and find flaws in the prosecution’s case and use them to your benefit. The best outcome is that your legal counsel causes the prosecution to drop the investigation and prevents manslaughter charges from being filed. To find out what can be done in your case call Richard S. Miller, Attorney At Law for an initial consultation.

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