Baltimore Vehicular Manslaughter Attorney

Defense of Vehicular Manslaughter Charges

Any serious traffic accident is a devastating experience. A fatal accident in addition to the emotional impact may have legal consequences as well. A lost life is a tragic event and surviving family members as well as law enforcement naturally look for someone to hold responsible. MD Ann. Code Criminal Law Art. Subsection 2-209(b) states “A person may not cause the death of another as a result of the person’s driving, operating, or controlling a vehicle or vessel in a grossly negligent manner.” If you have been involved as a driver in such an accident you may be investigated for vehicular manslaughter. After a fatal traffic accident you should consult a Baltimore criminal attorney who can help you to minimize the negative impact the accident could have on your life.

Vehicular Manslaughter Lawyer in Baltimore

Serious and fatal accidents are treated seriously and investigated by law enforcement to determine a cause. The survivors of an accident will be questioned by investigators. You are advised to consult with an established vehicular manslaughter lawyer who can advise you of your rights. You do have the right to have your attorney present during any interviews. The stakes are high. A charge of vehicle homicide is a serious matter and if the prosecution thinks it has a case other charges may be added which can increase the penalties if you are convicted. Operating or controlling a vehicle or vessel in a negligent manner can include:

  • Overly aggressive or reckless driving or speeding
  • Driving under the influence of a prescription medication or illegal drug
  • Drunk driving – DUI
  • Driving while overly fatigued
  • Distracted driving – such as adjusting your radio or checking your cell phone

There can be a number of factors which resulted in an accident. Even if you think you may be guilty, call Richard S. Miller, Attorney At Law to discuss your case. There is a great deal that a skilled criminal defense lawyer can do, including investigate the collision for additional evidence concerning events which led to the accident which may have been overlooked or omitted from police reports. Locating weaknesses in the prosecution’s case could lead to the charges being dropped. Effective criminal defense includes gathering facts and evidence, preparation and planning, strategic use of experts and other witnesses, and an absolute willingness to take a case before a jury if that is necessary to obtain justice.

Do you think you may be or have you already been charged with vehicular homicide? Contact a Baltimore vehicular manslaughter lawyer who can assist you with your defense.