In a recent federal decision, Maryland has been making changes to their gun laws, loosening many of the current standards on who is able to own and hold a gun. The change was signed by U.S. District Judge Benson E. Legg. In the past Maryland has been much stricter with their laws, considered a high-regulation state for their greater regulations on which citizens are able to possess a gun. They have taken a different interpretation than some on the “right to bear arms” using it to extend that right to more than just the individuals home.

While no specific time has been given for when this will be fought against, the Maryland attorney general’s office has stated that they will be taking action in order to appeal this ruling. Prior to this decision the judgment of who was allowed to carry a gun in the state was left up to the discretion of the law enforcement after those seeking the right had met a certain standard of criteria. In 2011 law enforcement in Maryland took into reviewed 5,216 applications for those seeking to carry a firearm. Of that amount they turned down about 5%, many of them based off their own judgment. Through this new standard, those who meet up to the specified requirements will be issue a license without having to face the threat of “good and substantial reason” of the police.

During the past decade more states have begun to move over to the “shall issue” system leaving Maryland in the minority. Many in opposition to the new decision are forming plans in attempts to turn it back through proving that the right to bear arms is in fact only for the home and other means. Whether these attempts will be successful is yet to be known. At Richard S. Miller, Attorney at Law, a Baltimore criminal defense attorney is ready to help you if you are facing criminal charges such as a gun offense. Maryland enforces harsh punishments for those who are convicted of a crime making it important to have quality criminal defense on your side. Contact a Baltimore criminal lawyer to represent you if you have been charged.