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My law firm, Richard S. Miller, Attorney At Law has provided high quality, personal legal counsel to those who face criminal charges for 32 years. My extensive experience in both state and federal criminal court is a distinct advantage for those who are suffering the fear and anxiety that is part of being charged with a crime. You do have reason to be concerned; Maryland has very tough penalties for criminal offenses, and even a first time DUI can mean jail time. In more serious criminal charges, your entire life can change when the verdict is read. Don’t you think you deserve an attorney that knows how to defend a case in court? Your case is important to me, personally, and I am very familiar with developing compelling defense strategies that work at trial. I advise that you contact an Owings Mills criminal defense lawyer from my firm immediately if you are facing criminal charges in the area.

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My firm represents those who are facing all types of criminal charges, including DUI, domestic violence, drug crimes, all federal drug charges, including state or federally charged cases of possession, intent to distribute, manufacturing, or trafficking. My firm also represents those who are facing criminal accusations involving sex crimes, including rape, statutory rape, date rape, internet sex crimes, child pornography, prostitution, and molestation. I represent those who are facing charges of child abuse, defend young people in juvenile crimes, and am familiar with defending all difficult criminal charges including kidnapping, all theft crimes such as robbery, burglary, and shoplifting. Those who face a charge of vehicular manslaughter should contact my firm immediately so that their case can be reviewed for the viable options for a defense. I also provide an aggressive, professional defense for clients charged with all violent crimes including murder, manslaughter, battery, and assault. If you are facing charges in white collar crimes, I can help. I also protect the rights and fight for the freedom of individuals who are facing criminal court on weapon charges or a gun offense.

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