Rape, Statutory Rape, Date Rape, Internet Sex Crimes

If you are accused of a sex crime, there are few more dangerous legal situations. The bias of the courts, juries and the community can seriously damage your personal and professional reputation even when merely accused of committing such a crime. A Baltimore criminal defense lawyer from Richard S. Miller, Attorney At Law can provide you with the aggressive defense you will need to fight back and protect your rights in these difficult cases. My law firm has successfully defended cases that other law firms were unwilling to take on, and is prepared to evaluate your case and advise you as to the best defense opportunities.

Types of Sex Crimes

If you are accused of committing rape, the situation is extremely serious. Maryland lawmakers have passed statutes that heavily punish those who are found guilty of this sex crime. When an accusation of a sexual assault is made against you, it is absolutely critical that you engage the services of a highly qualified, aggressive defense lawyer with extensive trial experience. Read more about rape here.

Statutory Rape
Some cases of consensual relationships lead to criminal charges of statutory rape, based upon the ages of the individuals involved. The person accused of the crime may have believed that their sexual partner was older, or they may be very close in age, but still violating Maryland law. No matter what the situation is that led to your arrest, taking immediate action with regard to your defense is crucial. Read more about statutory rape here.

Date Rape
There are many cases in which a consensual sexual encounter is later claimed to have been rape. This can be due to the individual having regrets later, fear of repercussions from a variety of sources, or be based upon a relationship break up or other situation. The first crucial step in defending against charges of date rape is to evaluate every piece of evidence. As these cases are often he said/she said, how it is approached by your defense attorney can greatly influence the final outcome. Read more about date rape here.

Internet Sex Crimes
In recent years, both state and federal task forces have ramped up their activities in seeking out those who are involved in the distribution and production of child pornography. When a computer is found to have files with video or images of underage children, the repercussions are extremely severe. Proving that these images were placed upon the hard drive or transmitted from a specific computer must be fully established in order for charges to stick. With the help of computer experts and other witnesses, it can be possible to fight back effectively. Read more about internet sex crimes here.

Child Pornography
State lawmakers have made the penalties for possession, distribution or creation of any pornographic image or video with underage children extremely heavy. If you are accused of any criminal offense involving child pornography, the punishment could include not only prison time, but a lifetime as a registered sex offender. Read more about child pornography here.

Charged with prostitution? This is a serious matter, particularly if you have a prior conviction. How the case is addressed and the quality of your defense lawyer is a crucial issue if you hope to avoid being punished for this victimless crime. Read more about prostitution here.

Crimes involving children are some of the most serious of sex offenses. If facing criminal accusations of molestation, the case must be handled with absolute skill and ability, due to the natural bias against the accused individual that can be found in juries, courts and in the members of the general public. Read more about molestation here.

A Baltimore sex crime lawyer from our firm has the skill and ability to fight back on your behalf if you are facing criminal accusations in a variety of sex crimes.