Baltimore Internet Sex Crime Attorney

Concerning Internet Sex Crimes in Howard County or Baltimore County

Use of the internet in the commission of a sex crime may result in charges by either the state of Maryland or by the federal government. Internet communications might be with the person next door, or across town or may cross state lines. When the material is pornographic in nature parties to the communication may become subjects of an investigation. If a communication is between an adult and a minor such as may happen in online chat rooms the adult’s intentions may easily be misinterpreted by sex crime investigators. If you have been arrested for a cyber sex crime, talk to a respected Baltimore criminal defense lawyer without delay.

Internet Sex Crime Defense Lawyer in Baltimore

In this day of hyper sensitivity to child molestation and sex crimes against children, there are a large number of investigatory units on the lookout for sexual predators. Internet sex offenses such as child pornography, soliciting a minor and even sexting will be treated harshly by prosecutors. Although sexting is not of itself an offense, if a minor is shown in an obscene manner, this is a criminal act under MD Subsection 11-207 having to do with the creation, publishing and distribution of child pornography. Possession of such an image may be charged as possession of child pornography under MD Subsection 11-208. Any adult who gets into conversation with a minor online should be wary of invitations to meet in person or to exchange pictures which are sexual in nature. Don’t be fooled by the apparent privacy of an online chat. Seizing computers is usual in an investigation. Your computer can expose where you have gone on the internet, and emails and documents you thought deleted can be recovered and used as evidence. An experienced internet sex crime lawyer who cares about your family and your future can build a strong defense strategy geared to help you protect your rights and avoid harsh penalties.

Facing a criminal investigation or prosecution is a nerve wracking experience. You need legal counsel who is highly skilled and aggressive in putting on a defense. Your criminal defense lawyer should take the time to listen carefully to you, understand your concerns and fully explain your legal situation and your options. In working with Richard S. Miller, Attorney At Law, your lawyer is just a phone call away.

If you have been charged or think you may be charged with a cyber sex crime, contact a Baltimore internet sex crime attorney who is motivated to provide an aggressive defense.