Baltimore Molestation Attorney

Concerning Molestation

There are two categories of charges, misdemeanors and felonies. Most sex crimes are felonies which entail longer prison sentences and more severe punishment. Molestation generally describes a sex crime against a minor (under 18 years of age) child which includes indecent exposure, sexual touching, exposure to sexually explicit material, and rape. The entertainment industry and the media in general have preyed upon the society’s natural urge to safeguard children to increase their profits. The sexual abuse of children has been so sensationalized that the most innocent show of affection can result in these highly stigmatized accusations. Anyone who is under investigation or who has been arrested for molestation should immediately consult a Baltimore criminal defense attorney with many years of experience in sex crime defense.

How a Baltimore Molestation Lawyer Could Help

Parents, step-parents, teachers, doctors, and caregivers can be accused by a child or a supposed “witness” of sexual misbehavior. Anyone accused of such an offense should not answer questions from police investigators or prosecutors without first consulting experienced legal counsel. Above all, do not make the mistake of trying to prove yourself innocent. Even a protestation of innocence may be recorded in a report as a confession. A skilled molestation defense lawyer who is brought into a case early will investigate the charges against you and the circumstances surrounding the allegations for vital evidence which may prove your innocence or at least get the charge reduced in severity. In their eagerness to gather evidence of guilt, investigators have been known to overlook evidence which is in the accused’s favor.

In the face of this kind of allegation, your first and most important action should be to find legal counsel you can comfortably communicate with. Criminal cases can drag out for a long time and reputations are easily damaged. You need the guidance of a trusted criminal defense lawyer who understands the stress you are under and who will aggressively use all available legal tools to protect and defend you. Call Richard S. Miller, Attorney At Law to discuss your defense.

If you have been accused of a sex crime against a child, contact a Baltimore molestation lawyer who can develop an aggressive defense strategy calculated to gain a positive result.