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Prostitution: Solicitation & Pandering

In Maryland, and particularly Baltimore prostitution is frequently targeted by police vice units to stop individual prostitutes and break up organized prostitution activities. They employ various strategies including internet surveillance and undercover sting operations to arrest customers and prostitutes alike to satisfy society’s outrage against sex crimes. An officer posing as a prostitute, a potential customer, or a “pimp” can very easily cross the line into entrapment. If you have been arrested for a prostitution related offense, it is most important that you say absolutely nothing to anyone other than your Baltimore criminal attorney.

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Prostitution involves the exchange of sexual acts for money, goods or services. Solicitation includes attempting to cause another to engage in an act of prostitution. Pandering, also called pimping, involves arranging an exchange of money for sex between others. Although many charges connected with prostitution are misdemeanors, the potential consequences of a conviction for any related offense are harsh, including large fines, long terms of imprisonment, and the publishing your personal information in the Maryland Judiciary. Even the innocent bystander to an undercover operation, or an individual who, innocently surfing the internet, blunders into an escort service website, may be arrested and charged. Allegations of solicitation, prostitution, and internet sex crimes can have negative effects on and individual’s personal reputation and professional status. Whatever the circumstances of your arrest, you need to work with an understanding prostitution defense lawyer who will provide you with the information you need to know in order to work together to obtain the best possible outcome in your case.

You need professional and aggressive representation by legal counsel who is empathetic, easy to talk to and accessible. It is very important to choose a criminal defense lawyer you can depend on to give your case the priority it deserves and will aggressively protect your reputation and your future. Call Richard S. Miller, Attorney At Law before you decide what you should do about your defense.

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