Last month, a Maryland man was arrested in North Carolina and extradited back to his home state to face charges. He is suspected to be behind a number of burglaries in several different suburbs across the state. The 33-year-old Fort Washington native was said to inflict “fear and agony” into the neighborhoods he struck. One burglary led to a mother and her infant being held at gunpoint. Another involved sexual assault and six people were bound in zip-ties. He then took the victims’ bank cards, and it was through using these cards that authorities were better able to catch him. The man, K.D. was already convicted of manslaughter and a third-degree sex offense from crimes committed in the 90s.

Breaking and entering a residential habitation or other building is charged as burglary. In Maryland, Title 6, subtitle 2 of the criminal law code classifies burglary into four degrees. The most serious is breaking into a home with the intention of committing a violent crime. The second is in regards to a storehouse and the third is a dwelling. A fourth-degree burglary has the intent to break and enter with committing a crime. By this standard, the suspect in this situation would be guilty of first-degree burglary as well as face charges for the crimes he committed once he entered the home.

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