An Experienced Theft Crime Lawyer in Baltimore

Theft crimes range in variety and severity, depending on the circumstance. If penalized, a client may be facing misdemeanor charges or far more serious charges of felony. An attorney defending a client with these charges must have experience with the whole spectrum of theft crimes while considering possible search and seizure issues, the Miranda rights, and so forth. Without the proper qualifications, preparation and sensitivity to theft crimes, the defense risks full coverage of the charge. Without turning over every stone, a client’s future is at risk.

What are the penalties for theft crimes?

An important note to make is that there is a difference between burglary and robbery. Burglary is the act of breaking and entering into a place of business, residence or property with the intent of committing a felony therein, including theft. Robbery is defined as taking from another person with the use of force, threat or intimidation. Therefore, a robbery would be theft and assault together. According to Maryland Criminal Law, the penalty for a theft charge is proportionate to the value of goods stolen, making a theft crime over $1,000 a felony. Cases such as shopliftingwhite collar crimes, receiving stolen property and grand theft auto are examples of theft crimes that hold serious consequences. To protect yourself from theft charges, you must contact a Baltimore criminal attorney immediately.

If you face criminal charges dealing with theft crimes, you must contact an attorney immediately. There are many criminal defense lawyers out there, but the right one has a solid combination between an aggressive defense strategy, a compassionate outlook for the client’s best interests, and years of experience in theft crimes. Richard S. Miller, Attorney at Law, has earned the respect of Courts statewide throughout his thirty-two years of experience in criminal defense.

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