Baltimore Robbery Lawyer

Helping You Understand your Charges

If you have been arrested and charged with robbery, contact me, Baltimore Criminal Attorney Richard S. Miller, and I may be able to give you the defense you need. Choosing a lawyer is an important and difficult decision, but I will provide you with the high-quality legal representation that will be most beneficial to you and your case. Being convicted of robbery is a felony in Maryland, and can result in imprisonment for up to 15 years. I will fight for you and do everything I can to clear your name. When being charged with robbery, it is important to have a lawyer whom you can trust and feel comfortable with. I have over 30 years of experience and knowledge to help you with your case. I will work directly with you on your case, and together we will fight to protect your rights.

I have spent my career learning everything I can about Maryland robbery laws and I want to make sure you understand the particulars of your case and what you are being charged with. Did you know a robbery is considered theft plus assault? There are many facts about Maryland robbery law that you may not be aware of. I will clarify all aspects of your case for you and we will work on a defense that is best suited to your circumstances.

Experience You Can Trust

I have been practicing law for 32 years, and have a depth of knowledge in Maryland robbery law. Every case is unique and different, and I can help you figure out the best way to defend your case. I have worked personally and directly with numerous clients over the years, and I understand what you are going through right now. I may be able to help clear you of charges so that you can return to your normal life. I will tailor fit my services to fit the needs of your particular case.

If you have been charged with robbery, contact a Baltimore robbery attorney today and together you and I will fight to preserve your freedom.